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Certainly in the decade of the 1990s there was no development in the software industry as surprising as the phenomenal growth of SAP. Who in 1990 predicted the enormous success of SAP’s flagship ERP product, R/3, and the billions of dollars that would be spent deploying R/3 throughout the Fortune 1000? While Microsoft also enjoyed huge successes in the 1990s, the Redmondians occupied a well-established position in the IT world at the start of the decade. In 1990, SAP occupied a market niche with their mainframe product R/2. All the conventional wisdom of the time suggested that they would be lucky to hold even that.

But with the vision of SAP itself and the courage to offer with R/3 in 1992 a product, that has been revolutionary not only for business organizations, but also for their data center, companies firstly analyzed their business processes, organizations and also IT processes as well as IT services.

Bordes Consulting, resp. most of their employees had been involved since the early 1990s in SAP implementation projects either as project members or project managers. Focussed on the really important and business benefitting trends of IT, Bordes Consulting can offer a wide spreaded and deep knowledge about SAP products, systemlandscapes and SAP technology architectures.

Understanding business processes, identifying opportunities for optimization and bringing everything together in perfect synergy with future-oriented SAP® technology – that is our expertise.
This means understanding the complexity of SAP® projects and their high strategic importance for the success of your business as a guideline for quality and maximum investment security.

That’s the foundation on which Bordes Consulting IT experts work. Their tools are the extensive SAP knowledge and a strong business process thinking. This ensures that your SAP® solution brings a measurable competitive advantage.

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