Bordes Consulting S.L. our Vision

Mangement Consultancy is not only defining the most suitable way to success for our clients, it also is an obligation for us to identify the potential of changes in organization, processes and empowering your human capital as well as respecting the different values of business and life in the regions of our world.

Therefore we are acting always only regarding our core values:

Honesty – Respect – Integrety – Independency

Honesty – Acting for your business, searching ways for a better business and IT performance, we only provide solutions based on true and comprehensible facts. We are aware, that the terminology “services” is strong related to serving. With that understand and compromise, our clients can expect a straightforward oriented work of us.

Respect – Knowing, that business can not exist only following Global Business Guidelines, Bordes Consulting SL will act within your company repecting the regional culture and traditions, as well as the governance rules of your company.

Integrety – Bordes Consulting defines integrety as its concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. Bordes Consulting will never use any information of our clients at any time. Firstly, because the given and seen information of our clients will be handled strictly confidential – therefor we will never store the final results or any information of our work – the only one recieving theses results is the client and secondly, because this is the only way to act free of predefined solutions, concepts and outputs.

Independency – Bordes Consulting SL is a legal spanish company with no external stakeholder, we do not get or beg for local or any subsidies – we will not convert our company into a public/stock company in future. Our company will always be a private company, which ethic rules are clearly defined by the owner.