Bordes Consulting S.L. IT Consulting

Normaly IT Consulting is the process of providing professional technology advice to a business or organization. It may entail suggesting and implementing certain software or hardware solutions into the business or organization in order to streamline certain processes by increasing efficiency and cutting costs. For example, an accounting firm that has historically relied on hard copy records and ledgers may benefit from consulting that can recommend, create or customize a software program designed to organize those records electronically. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, this type of consulting can benefit virtually any industry, including those considered low-tech.

Many functional and business leaders have become conversant about IT, and many IT specialists have become knowledgeable about the strategic and business benefits of IT. Companies that encourage and incorporate this integrated and more sophisticated capability within their organizations will have an edge over those that have to rely on outsiders for the integrated view.

The rate of change in IT capabilities is a companion to the rate of change that most companies experience in other technologies, markets and initiatives of competitors. We have noted that the successful IT consulting firm must be able to anticipate, sense and nimbly respond to change. This is equally true for operations managers who face the daunting task of implementing new IT capabilities while ensuring that they are also prepared for the next version or generation.

The emerging IT environment is at a level of complexity such that efforts to build IT infrastructure and integrated applications require specialized expertise that is often available only in IT consulting firms. Good operations managers will ensure that their organizations have the ability to work effectively with and integrate the value from networks of service providers with a variety of special capabilities.

Regarding, that it is tempting but risky to completely turn over IT initiatives to IT consulting firms , our approach for IT Consulting ensures that our clients receives not only the fullfilment of a contract, but also we ensure the needed knowledge transfer to our clients that their own IT professionals and users are included in integrated IT initiatives.